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Mediflow®  WaterBase® Pillow    

The Mediflow® pillow with its water layer at the base, provides outstanding comfort and responsive support for the head and neck. 

  • It continuously responds to changes in your sleeping position.

  • It adjusts to fit your shape.

  • The firmness can be personalized to your preferred comfort level.


Patented WaterBase® Design may provide the Solution.

  1. A layer of super-soft, hypoallergenic DuPont® polyester fiber floats over top of the water layer and provides outstanding comfort.

  2. A thermal insulator fully encases the water layer to prevent body heat from being drawn from the head, neck and shoulders. This is an essential component of the comfort of the pillow.

  3. A water pouch secured to the base of the pillow provides the responsive head and neck support. Easy to follow instructions show how much water to add for soft, medium and firm support. Use ordinary tap water. No chemical additives are required.

Adjust the support level that is perfect for you simply by adding water. Whether you prefer soft, medium or firm comfort, the Mediflow Waterbase® can be customized to fit your needs.

A higher quality of sleep helps you look and feel better. In a published clinical study conducted at the world-renowned Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, doctors found that the Mediflow Waterbase® pillow ranked best in all aspects of quality of sleep tested, including how fast subjects fell asleep, how few times they woke up and overall quality of sleep.

  • Restore your energy: Improved quality of sleep reverses the negative effects of fatigue.

  • Freshen your appearance: Enhanced sleep rejuvenates the skin to ease wrinkles.

  • Soothe daily stresses: Uninterrupted sleep is associated with improved coping skills.

Higher quality of sleep helps you look and feel better. More than two million people already trust their sleep to Mediflow, and you can too.

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